Stand For Elephants

The elephant population in Africa is quickly dwindling to a critical number.  The illegal ivory trade and demand is directly responsible for the reduction in the number of elephants.  The situation is dire and awareness cannot be underestimated in combating the acts of poachers and their illegal activities.

Four hip-hop artists, Emmanuel Jal, Vanessa Mdee, Juliani, and Syssi Mananga have come together to raise awareness of the conditions through the collaboration of music and video with the partnership of WildAid.  Their video “TUSIMAME” below is an amazing collection of music and African tradition.

The video is shot in Kenya and directed by Enos Olik.   The video is conceptualized by the We Want Peace organization through a campaign called “STAND FOR ELEPHANTS”.

Emmanual Jal of South Sudan spearheaded the We Want Peace organization.  The We Want Peace organization endeavors to eliminate global injustice.  Vanessa Mdee of Tanzania has become one of Tanzania’s biggest music stars with numerous charitable efforts including free vaccinations for Tanzanian children and a GAVI Ambassador promoting a voice against cervical cancer.

Juliani of Kenya is involved in socially conscious efforts including the UN Climate Change Conference the World Vision Peace Tour and Stand Up Against Poverty.  Syssi Managa of Congo-Brazzaville has been on the international music scene including jazz clubs in Italy and Washington DC, USA.  Her lyrics reflect the devastation of war and promote love and forgiveness.

To read more about the STAND FOR ELEPHANTS campaign, check out the following website:

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